Lash Lift and Tint Before and After

By Josef Mohamed
Jan 19, 2024
Lash Lift and Tint Before and After

In this article, we'll showcase the dramatic before and after effects of one of the trending beauty treatments - lash lifting. You'll see why this beauty trend is a game-changer by the end.

What is Lash lift?

A lash lift is a cosmetic procedure designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyelashes. It works by curling your existing lashes, making them look longer and fuller.

Let’s see the stunning transformation lash lift and tint can bring in these real-life examples from people who chose Luxe Lashlift Kit as their lash lift solution.

Standard Lash Lift 

A traditional lash lift enhances the natural curl and lift of lashes, providing a more open and expressive eye appearance without the need for extensions.

"I have really thick, straight lashes. Eyelash curlers never work, and mascara ends up going straight after an hour. I used the ‘M’ size, and HOLY COW!! I feel like a Princess. My advice when sticking the lashes to the pad: don’t apply the glue to the whole pad at once. Take it section by section (I started from the inside to outside so that I could figure out a rhythm). Absolutely love it!" - Nathalia

lash lift and tint before and after 1

Lash Lift Effect on Straight Lashes

Specifically designed for straight lashes, this technique imparts a gentle curl to lift lashes upwards, enhancing the eye shape and providing more flattering look.

"It is a great set and the result turned out very nicely for me. The instructions are very detailed, which makes it very easy. A clear recommendation from me! '- Lina

lash lift and tint before and after 2

"Really good product! I am very happy with my eyelashes and the Luxe Lashlift Kit. Very easy and fast. Will buy it again and again :)" - Hanna

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Lash Lift Effect on Long Lashes

For longer lashes, the lift emphasizes the natural length while adding an elegant curl, contributing to a glamorous eye look without the need for mascara or extensions.

"I did not like my eyelashes, although they are long but they are too straight. Eyelash curlers were only a temporary solution. Had often received an advertisement on instagram and thought that I try it out and the result simply speaks for itself! Shipping was fast, the application easy, the contents smell and feel good. I can only recommend!" - Ava

lash lift and tint before and after 4

"I have long but very unruly lashes that quickly deform again. On the left you can see my before, on the right after and the result lasts already 6 WEEKS! The result is really beautiful and I really did not think that it works so well 😍
The best thing about it is that you get a tutorial video sent to you and that makes the whole thing very easy. I'll definitely buy again" - Emma

lash lift and tint before and after 5

Lash Lift Effect on Short Lashes

Lash lifting on short lashes focuses on lifting and curling even the shortest lashes, creating the illusion of length and a fuller lash line.

"I've always struggled with having short, straight lashes that never seemed to hold a curl. After hearing about lash lifts, I decided to give it a try, and let me tell you, it's been a game-changer!" - Stephanie

lash lift and tint before and after 6

"I was skeptical about lash lifts for my short lashes, but the results blew me away. The lift added a natural-looking curl, making my lashes appear longer and more defined. The low maintenance and long-lasting effects make it a must-try for anyone looking to enhance shorter lashes." - Mei

lash lift and tint before and after 7

Keratin Lash Lift

Infused with keratin, this lift not only imparts a curl but also nourishes and strengthens lashes, promoting healthier and more resilient growth.

"I was intrigued by the promise of a Keratin lash lift. The treatment not only added a beautiful curl but also seemed to nourish my lashes. The results were fantastic – longer, lifted lashes that felt healthier, making it a worthwhile investment for those with shorter lashes." - Rose

lash lift and tint before and after 8

"I tried a keratin lash lift and tint, and the results were impressive! The treatment not only lifted and tinted my lashes beautifully but also added a noticeable boost in lash health!" - Daisy

lash lift and tint before and after 9

How Lash Lift Looks Like on Different Eye Shapes?

Round Eyes

Lash lifting enhances round eyes by creating a lifted, elongated appearance, emphasizing their natural shape for a more captivating look.

Recommended Curl Option: C-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 10

Source: Pinterest

Almond Eyes

Lash lifts on almond eyes accentuate their balanced proportions, adding a subtle lift to open up the eyes and emphasize their elegance.

Recommended Curl Option: J-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 11

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Hooded Eyes

Lash lifting on hooded eyes focuses on creating a lifted effect to combat the heaviness of the lids, revealing a more awake and defined eye area.

Recommended Curl Option: Y-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 12

Source: Quora

Monolid Eyes

Lash lifting for monolid eyes aims to provide a gentle lift for a more pronounced lash line, contributing to a brighter and more defined overall eye appearance.

Recommended Curl Option: L-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 13


Deep Set Eyes

Lash lifting complements deep set eyes by adding a lifted effect to the lashes, bringing attention to the eyes and creating a more harmonious balance within the facial features.

Recommended Curl Option: B-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 4

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Upturned Eyes

Lash lifting for upturned eyes focuses on adding lift to the inner corners, accentuating the natural upward tilt for a balanced and harmonious look.

Recommended Curl Option: C-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 15

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Downturned Eyes

Lash lifting on downturned eyes aims to lift the lashes at the outer corners, creating a subtle upward sweep to counterbalance the natural droop and open up the eyes for a more lifted appearance.

Recommended Curl Option: J-shape

lash lift and tint before and after 16

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If you are wondering how to achieve this stunning effect here is the process of lash lifting you should follow.

How to Achieve This Effect: Exploring the Process

  • Cleaning: The process starts with a thorough cleaning of the eyes and lashes to remove makeup, or oil
  • Under-eye protection: To prevent the lower lashes from being unintentionally curled.
  • Setting the Lashes: Soft silicone pads are then placed on the upper eyelids. These pads act as a base over which the lashes are lifted and shaped.Once done, your lashes stay lifted and curled for weeks, eliminating the need for any daily lash routine.
  • Combing the Lashes: The lashes are combed thoroughly and carefully to straighten them preventing them from pointing in different directions post-lift.
  • Applying the Perm Solution: A setting solution is applied, and lashes are lifted over the silicone pads.
  • Lash Tinting (Optional): If desired, a lash tint can be applied. The color choice depends on the natural lash color and the desired outcome.
  • Cleaning and Nourishing: The tint is then removed, and the lashes are cleaned with a nourishing oil, ensuring they remain healthy and hydrated.
  • Final Touches: To finish, the lashes are gently combed, and the silicone pads are removed.

Throughout these steps, the attention to detail by the lash technician is critical to achieving the perfect curl.

Another alternative for getting stunning lash lifting results is getting yourself the Luxe Lash Lift Kit. It includes everything you need for an amazing lash lifting solution including perm lotion, nourishing lotion, adhesive, lash pads, applicators etc.

Carefully follow the instructions, ensuring the precise application of each product. After completing the lifting and setting steps, nourish the lashes with the Luxe eyelash growth serum to enhance their health and shine.

Why is Lash Lift Better than Lash Extensions

Unlike lash extensions, which involve attaching individual synthetic lashes to natural ones, lash lifting focuses on enhancing the natural lashes' curvature and length. Lash lifting provides a low-maintenance solution that requires minimal aftercare and no touch-ups.

This technique is not only more time- and cost-efficient but also reduces the risk of potential damage associated with lash extensions, such as allergic reactions or weakened natural lashes.

Additionally, lash lifting is suitable for individuals with sensitive eyes or those seeking a subtler enhancement, making it a preferred choice for a hassle-free and natural-looking result.


To sum up, lash lifts are not just a beauty trend reserved for women; they're rapidly becoming a go-to grooming essential for men too. It's a simple, safe, and effective way to make your eyes stand out.

For those leaning towards the DIY route, the Luxe Lashlift Set from Luxe-Cosmetics is an excellent choice. It provides everything you need to achieve that professional, eye-opening effect at home, catering to the modern man's need for efficiency and style.

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