Can You Workout After a Lash Lift

By Rabbiya Rabeel
May 23, 2024
Can You Workout After a Lash Lift

Yes, you can work out after a lash lift, but it’s recommended to avoid any workouts for the first 24 hours after the treatment to allow your lashes enough time to set properly. Sweat and moisture from a workout could potentially weaken the lift's hold, affecting the curl and shape of your lashes.

After the initial 24-hour period, you can resume your workout routine as usual.

7 Tips for Exercising With Lash Lift Without Damaging Them

To keep your lash lift looking fabulous while maintaining your workout routine, consider these practical tips:

  • Opt for Low-Intensity Workouts: Initially, choose exercises that are less likely to cause excessive sweating. Gentle yoga or pilates can be great options, or try strength training but with lower weights and fewer reps.
  • Wear a Sweatband: A sweatband around your forehead can help divert sweat away from your eyes and lashes, protecting the lash lift.
  • Skip the Pool: Chlorinated water can weaken the lash lift's hold. Avoid swimming for at least the first 48 hours after your treatment.
  • Stay Away From Steam and Humidity: Steam rooms and saunas can also disrupt the lash lift too soon.
  • Protect Your Eyes: If you do find yourself in a situation where sweating is inevitable, try gently patting the area dry without touching your lashes directly.

By integrating these tips into your fitness regime, you can enjoy both a healthy lifestyle and long-lasting lash lift results. Remember, the key is to minimize moisture direct contact to eyelashes.

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How to Fix Lash Lift if it Got Damaged After Workout

If your lash lift gets damaged after a workout, don't worry. There are steps you can take to help fix or improve the situation.

Reach out to your lash technician for advice. They can assess the damage and suggest a solution. Sometimes, a simple touch-up can restore the desired curl and shape.

In the meantime, avoid further stressing your lashes. Keep them dry and refrain from applying makeup or additional treatments until you've consulted with a professional. This helps prevent further damage and allows your lashes to recover.

Your technician might recommend using a nourishing lash serum to help strengthen and hydrate your lashes. These serums can promote lash health, making them more resilient to future treatments or touch-ups.

Final Thoughts

Staying active doesn't mean sacrificing your lash lift. Just avoid heavy workouts for the first 24 hours to let your lift set properly. If workouts do affect your lift, a quick chat with your lash technician can help fix any issues.

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