Can You Curl Your Lashes After a Lash Lift

By Josef Mohamed
May 23, 2024
Can You Curl Your Lashes After a Lash Lift

The straightforward answer is that it's not recommended to use a lash curler over a lash lift.

Using a mechanical or heated eyelash curler could destroy the lift's results and risk damaging your lashes especially within 24 hours post-lifting period.

What Happens if You Use Lash Curler on Lifted Lashes

  • Breakage and Loss: Curling can cause lashes to break or fall out, significantly when they're weakened post-lift.
  • Heat Damage: Heated curlers can expose lashes to harmful heat.
  • Tugging and Pulling: Mechanical curlers may tug at lashes, risking pulling them out.
  • Infection Risk: Dirty curlers can introduce bacteria, leading to eye infections and lash loss.
  • Wear and Tear: Using a worn-out curler increases the risk of lash damage.
  • Poor Technique: Incorrect curling technique can harm your lashes more than help.
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Safe Alternatives to Lash Curlers

  • Lash Serums: These nourishing treatments enhance the overall health, length, and thickness of your lashes. Our collection at Luxe Cosmetics offers high-quality eyelash growth serums that support lash strength and vitality.
  • Lash Mascaras: Light mascaras are a perfect touch-up for keeping your lashes looking their best between lift treatments. Our lash conditioning mascaras add volume and definition without weighing your lashes down. 
  • For a DIY touch-up: Use a small brush, like a clean mascara spoolie, for a gentle lash curl. Warm the brush in hot water, dry it thoroughly, and gently brush and press up from the base of your lashes to create a subtle curl. This method is a safe, effective way to achieve a bit more lift without compromising the integrity of your lash lift.
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When You Can Start Using Lash Curler After Lash Lift

Wait for eight weeks after your lash lift before using a lash curler. This allows time for new lash growth, ensuring your lashes are healthy and strong enough for curling.

Final Thoughts

To conclude curling lashes after a lash lift is better to avoid to protect your lash health. Instead consider Luxe Cosmetics’ Nourishing Mascara for safe, beautiful lash enhancement without the risks.

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